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Sliding hinged safety doors DORMA SST

Automatic sliding doors with breakout from DORMA fit into different structural openings, satisfy a variety of demands and can be adapted to suit individual requirements. Powerful DORMA ES door operators are characterised by their fast, smooth motion cycles, minimal noise emission and exceptional user friendliness. ES operators, with which the door sets presented here are equipped, have that extra capacity reserve which means that they continue to perform efficiently even when put under strain.


With DORMA SST automatic sliding doors with breakout, not only the door panels but also the side screens are pivot mounted to swing out when needed - without the need to disengage any locks. This doubles the through-passage width of the doorway - a decisive advantage not only in emergencies but also in certain everyday situations. The breakout function for the sliding panels and side screens is also approved in most countries as a viable solution for emergency exits.