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Sliding door with intruder protection ST FLEX Secure

Security is becoming more and more important. This is where our new ST FLEX SECURE sliding door system comes into play as it was especially designed to provide sliding doors with maximum security.

Our system offers an unparalleled level of security and meets the increasing demand of facility operators for a system that combines the convenience of an automatic sliding door with additional intruder and vandalism protection. The SECURE version offers improved security and is approved for application at standard sliding doors and sliding doors in emergency exits and escape routes. Despite its elegant design, our new sliding door system provides maximum intruder and vandalism protection according to VDS (Association of German Property Insurers) resistance class WK2. In contrast to similar security systems, there are no visible barriers so that your display windows remain as transparent and inviting as ever without any negative effect on their advertising space characteristics.

Thanks to our ST FLEX SECURE version, also automatic sliding doors may now provide maximum security. A continuous floor guide rail at the bottom of the door and an operator-integrated anti-tamper protection avoid that the door is levered out. Furthermore, a four-point hook locking device at the main closing edge, which automatically locks in position, and lateral profiles that interlock while the door is closed bring security to a high level. In addition, the special burglary-protection glazing (made of sandwich glass) is adhered to the door profile with the aid of a special adhesive in order to make the door extremely resistant.

Features and benefits:

- Flexible system: may be combined with ES 200 and ES 200-2D.
- The automatic sliding door is tested from European Standard ENV 1627 to 1630.
- Glazing tested to DIN EN 356, resistance class P4A:
• Security double-glazing (22 mm LSG)
• Mono safety glazing (10 mm LSG)