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Revolving door KTC-2

A sophisticated entrance system offering both safety and comfort


The entrance area is the showcase of a building. No other part of the building has such a lasting first impression on visitors and thereby gives them an idea of their further stay. High requirements therefore have to be placed on the visual quality of a door system, on design and functionality. The DORMA KTC-2 two-wing revolving door offers plenty of scope for architectural creativity. Thanks to the variability of its design and a broad selection of surface finishes, it will turn the entrance of any building into a prestigious entrée. Easy to operate and ideally suited for the requirements of wheelchair users (please refer to page 10 for further details), the DORMA KTC-2 also raises accessibility and convenience to a new level.


The wide range of functions ensures high traffic capacity even during peak traffic periods, plus unbeatable safety. And there are major additional benefits to be had from the suitability of these doors as display and advertising spaces. It is important for the economic operation of a building to guarantee effective protection of its interior against the cold, heat, draughts, noise and dust. The two-wing DORMA KTC-2 revolving door comprehensively meets all these requirements. Available in three standard sizes, with two breakout door wings respectively – either as continuous arrangement without showcases or with external showcases – DORMA KTC-2 revolving doors are suitable for a variety of applications. System options include an integrated night shield and the choice of either drum walls with glazing or metal panelling.