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Operator usi glisante CS 80 MAGNEO

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Sliding door operator CS 80 MAGNEO

DORMA CS 80 MAGNEO Sliding Door Operator


Behind DORMA’s award winning Contur design, lies the advanced magnetic technology for sliding doors and this serves as the basis for the new “Low Energy Mode” CS 80 MAGNEO. Thanks to this mode, sliding doors can now for the first time dispense with the use of safety sensors as the door operates within sensible energy ranges. The result: an extremely elegant visual appearance in combination with “SoftMotion” safety ensuring the door will stop and reverse its cycle on light contact. You can combine this system with glass or wooden doors with a total weight of 80kg.

Features include: low-energy quiet operation, soft-motion safety, locking function, push & go, motion detectors, remote control actuation, and permanent open or manual functions. And thanks to the “plug & go” feature, not just the first installations, but any upgrades can be easily managed.

The automatic system is especially suitable as:

- a dividing door in clinical practices, law firms or offices

- access in hygienically-sensitive sanitary areas (catering, dental etc)

- a passageway to the kitchen, in private homes, hotel rooms and restaurants


See the Innovative Features and Benefits of MAGNEO below:


  • NEW: Locking function
  • NEW: DORMA matt stainless steel design
  • Magnetic drive technology - ensures safe, reliable and wear-resistant operation
  • Low-Energy operation and minimal energy consumption (the unit draws no power when in the closed position)
  • DORMA Contur Design (Red Dot Design Award)
  • Optional DORMA Manet glass fixings (Red Dot Design Award)
  • Operates glass, wooden or metal doors up to 80kg
  • Slim, compact housing of 75mm H x 60mm D.
  • Comes in 3 optional max door widths: 875mm / 1,000mm / 1,125mm
  • Comes in 3 optional operator lengths: 1,750mm / 2,000mm / 2,250mm