TS 99

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For easy use of fire and smoke check doors combined with safe closing in an emergency.


The DORMA TS 99 FL in the Contur design is a hold-open device with a free-swing function from a door opening angle of > 0°, which, combined with a smoke detector system (e.g. DORMA RMZ), can be used as a hold-open system for fire doors. An integrated solution, i.e. hold-open device with freeswing function from a door opening angle of > 0°, plus built-in smoke detector system, is also available in the form of the DORMA TS 99 FLR or TS 99 FLR-K. In both systems, the door can be operated without resistance thanks to their freeswing feature. In the event of an alarm or power failure, however, the door isreliably closed by the re-instated action of the door closer.

Certified to ISO 90001.




For the distributor

  • Ideal complement to the product range
  • Clear range structure for easy stock management


For the installer / fabricator

  • Easy and quick to fit
  • Flexible application suitability thanks to standard leaf or overhead transom installation


For the architect / specifier

  • Meets legal requirements for barrier-free building
  • Universally suitable for single or double doors
  • Uniform appearance matching all products of the DORMA Contur design


For the user

  • Free-swing function from a door opening angle of > 0°
  • Resistance-free opening of doors in passive/preventive fire protection applications
  • Maximum degree of user safety